Wow Rogue Pets — Ferocity, Tenacity and Shrewd

Wow Seeker rely on their pets in all facets of the game, and being a pure ranged dps class, different pets for them can make a lot of difference. It is important to make a wise choice when deciding on a pet. Seeker pets can be divided into groups based on their abilities: Tenacity, Shrewd and Ferocity. wow pvp boost

Shrewd pets

Shrewd pets are perfect for PvP encounters as their talents will provide utility, mobility and flexibility. This group mainly consists of lions, bats, birds of animals, sillithids, chimeras, ravagers etc. Every one of them have distinctive special skills, i. e. lions will immobilize targets, bats are able to stun.

PvP seeker often use lions because of their immobilizing effect, as getting range on your target is essential. Talents used in the Shrewd tree will provide more stamina, speed, survivability to your pet and some very fine abilities that can often save your valuable life in PvP like roar of compromise which will transfer 30% of the damage from yourself to your pet.

Web — this is the spider ability that will root your target for about four seconds.

Sonic screech — is the bats ability that can stun a player for about 2 seconds.


These types of pets are focused on dealing more damage and boosting your own damage as well. They are mostly used in PvE area of the game like raids and dungeons, but sometimes are also used in PvP to give a nice niche to your group set up. Ferocity type pets are: Wolves, Core Hounds, Moths, cats, raptors yet others. Special abilities of ferocity pets do increased damage to the objective or in some cases boost your own dps.

Some seeker tend to use Core Hounds for PvP as their debuff from lava inhale will decrease the casting speed of the victim for 25%. Lava inhale can definitely be very useful in PvP when you combine burst damage with that debuff on adversary healer. Wolf’s special ability called Flabergasted howl will boost your dps by 320 attack power for 20 seconds with 40 second relax. Talents of Ferocity tree will either increase your pets survivability or boost your dps.


Tenacity pets don’t have abilities to boost your dps or flexibility like shrewd pets but have higher stamina and avoidance particularly when talented. Special abilities of tenacity pets will force target to attack them and boost their own survivability. Very few tenacity pets are helpful for either raiding or PvP-ing. Crab pet is on the other hand very good in PvP as it can certainly pin targets for four seconds and is particularly hard to kill.

Which pet will suit me best?

This is not an easy question but you should think about which specifications you are going to use and which content of the game you are aiming for.

Best PvP pets

Most popular pets in PvP are definitely lions and crabs for their immobilization effects. Very few seeker still use scorpids for the poison that they can put up on their targets.

Best PvE pets

Most suitable choice for running dungeons and raids is hair as their special ability will boost your DPS, however some seeker tend to use cats which is not the best option. Animal mastery is focused on your pet damage and thus spirit monsters could be the best option as they are BM rogue only pets with highest damage. Bears, boars and turtles are perfect for tanking and leveling up.